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                      How to Love Your Turf in
                 The Chesapeake Bay Watershed !

    What’s the connection between your lawn and water quality in the Chesapeake Bay? Fertilizer!
      Most people and landscaping companies overfertilize. When it rains, the fertilizer ends up in the water, which makes too much algae grow. This uses up oxygen (when the algae dies) and blocks sunlight, causing “dead zones” and seagrass die-off. These trends are not signs of a healthy Bay.
      But what can one little homeowner do about it? The answer is to sign up for the Turf Love program! Turf Love is a partner program between James City County’s PRIDE (Protecting Resources in Delicate Environments) and Virginia Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners. It uses workshops and home visits to teach homeowners how to produce a healthy lawn, while reducing the use of fertilizers and pesticides which pollute our streams, rivers, and Bay.
     After a trained volunteer visits your home, you will receive a report with a soil analysis and a personalized turf management plan, including best management practices for establishing and/or maintaining healthy turf. For a fee of only $15, you will learn what’s best for your lawn, like lime application, fertilization, aeration, mowing, overseeding, watering, pest management, and insect, disease and weed control.
For an application and more information, call Virginia Cooperative Extension at 757-564-2170 or visit And look for special seminars, also posted on the W- JCC Recreation Center on Longhill Road.

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