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Water Monitoring
     Since 2000, the Friends have performed water quality monitoring throughout the Powhatan Creek watershed. Without this monitoring, information would be available only from the Creek's mouth, where the Dept. of Environmental Quality performs monitoring every two months. Under the direction of founding member Boots Johnson, dedicated volunteers collect and analyze water samples from 6 locations. This data allows us to understand how healthy the Creek is and will help us learn how development impacts water quality. For more information, contact
Boots Johnson.

SAV Planting (or Underwater Grasses Planting)
     For the last two years, founding member Debbie Green has coordinated a project to restore underwater grasses to the Creek. With the aid of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, volunteers are equipped with a kit to grow underwater grasses from seed. After two months of "gardening," volunteers bring their grasses to the Creek for planting. In each of the last two years, 25 kits of wild celery found new homes in Powhatan Creek. For more information or to volunteer, contact Nina Luxmoore at Chesapeake Bay Foundation .

     Who speaks for the trees, and the fish, and the birds? We do! At present, we are the sole environmental advocacy group in James City County. We have represented environmental interests on many committees to develop policies and regulations. We sponsor and support environmental education. We proactively meet with developers to inject our environmental concerns about development projects before they have finalized plans and when changes are still feasible. And we have had success! We hear from members and citizens alike how important it is for us to represent environmental concerns in our community. If not us, then who? We can always use a helping hand, so if this interests you then contact Ann Hewitt .

     Ever seen our Adopt-A-Stream signs at Powhatan Creek's Jamestown Road crossing? Yes, we are stewards of the resource. Periodically, we organize clean-ups of the Creek and nearby roadways. Our volunteers collect trash and debris that litters the Creek and its surroundings. Be on the lookout for opportunities to help in newsletters and email announcements.




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