The Friends of the Powhatan Creek Watershed is a group of citizens working together to promote responsible Stewardship of the Powhatan Creek Watershed in James City County, Virginia. Since 1999, our "grassroots" organization has been committed to the preservation, conservation, and enhancement of the Powhatan Creek Watershed. Under intense development pressure, the 23-square-mile watershed still harbors rare. threatened, and endangered species and played an integral part in our nation's humble beginnings at Jamestown.

Our all-volunteer group undertakes hands-on activities such as citizen water quality monitoring, stream cleanup and underwater grass restoration. Another main focus is to help to implement the Powhatan Creek Watershed Management Plan adopted by the James City County Board of Supervisors. Recently, we assisted in strengthening the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Ordinance and developing Special Stormwater Criteria for sensitive areas. Recently Friends of Powhatan Creek, along with the JCC Department of Development Management and the Peninsula Housing and Builders Association developed a consenus Document at the Builders for the Bay Roundtable, Other initiatives include the Historic Triangle Corridor Enhancement Committee and pursuit of a no-wake zone for the Powhatan Creek.

It's easy to get involved! Join to support our efforts! Take a leadership role! We have active partnerships with the James City County PRIDE Program and the Keck Environmental Laboratory at the College of William and Mary. And we hope to foster relationships with local businesses. Become a Friend so that our grandchildren's grandchildren will thank us for being model stewards of our unique natural resources.

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